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The Lifetouch intelligent wearable biosensor, is a validated and clinically proven wireless medical device that has already been used to collect over 150,000 hours of data from patients in acute care settings. It has been developed in association with diverse clinical teams, particualrly nurses, to ensure ease of use, reliable operation and seamless integration into nursing work flows.

With its lightweight design and ultra-low power operation, this state-of-the-art technology continuously samples and analyses the ECG signal in the sensor itself to extract the parameters of clinical interest. Providing continuous operation for 4 to 5 days the Lifetouch generates the data from which heart rate, respiration rate and HRV are calculated, while offering a real-time ECG streaming functionality. The device also includes a three axis accelerometer to provide information on patient orientation, activity and motion. 


The Lifetemp wearable sensor is a continuous real-time clinical thermometer designed for placement in the patient's axilla (armpit), one of only four external sites on the body that are clinically approved for measurements that relate directly to core body temperature.

Like the Lifetouch, the Lifetemp sensor is an unobtrusive, wireless, lightweight body-worn device. It adheres to the body using a repositionable medical-grade silicone gel adhesive. Taking temperature measurements every 10 seconds and updating each minute, the Lifetemp accurately tracks the patient's temperature, for around 10 days or more, capturing even rapid temperature fluctuation.

Usability and environmental considerations are key design criteria for both the Lifetouch and Lifetemp sensors. Fast and secure connection and pairing is achieved simply by scanning a QR code, and following use, the devices are recycled in a fully certified off-site recycling process that ensures maximum compliance with infection control requirements with minimum environmental impact.

Paediatric Sensors

The paediatric sensors are smaller wireless smart patches, designed and manufactured by Isansys Lifecare. Available in a range of sizes for neonates, babies and children, they allow the young patients to move about freely, all the while being monitored as if they were in a high dependency hospital ward. The sensors enable clinicians and nurses to collect patient’s physiologic data including heart rate, pulse rate and respiratory rate and offer remote accessibility to the physiologic data through integration into the standard Patient Status Engine infrastructure.

Wireless Pulse Oximeter

The wireless pulse oximeter is a third party oxygen saturation monitor which, following extensive testing for robustness and reliability, has been selected for integration into the Patient Status Engine.

The device, Model 3150 WristOx from Nonin features a wrist-worn unit (often attached to the leg of an infant), Bluetooth connectivity and full PPG waveform capability. Pairing is simple and uses the same QR-code scanning method as the Lifetouch and Lifetemp. 

A choice of sensor probes is available for patients of all ages including disposable, semi-disposable and non-disposable versions. Compatible reflective and ear-clip probes can also be supplied.

Wireless Blood Pressure Monitors

A choice of blood pressure monitors (BPM's) is available. Two devices have been integrated into the Patient Status Engine and extensively tested for reliability and ease of use.

One BPM is a standard manually-operated inflatable cuff device. In clinical settings, in order to ensure consistency and accuracy, we recommend that a nurse or trained assistant fits the cuff and is present during the reading.

The other is an automated Ambulatory BPM that provides quasi-continuous BP measurements at programmed intervals (e.g. 15 or 30 mins) throughout a 24 hour cycle.

For both devices, automatic uploading of the readings avoids transcription errors, making the process a simpler task for nursing staff. A choice of cuff sizes is available.

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