Post-Operative Care

Identifying Deteriorating Patients..... Fast!

Tens of millions of patients undergo major surgeries worldwide each year, and the post-operative phase carries a high risk of complications. Although current standard care includes vital sign observations at regular intervals, patients often deteriorate between measurements to the extent that they require admission to intensive care and/or prolonged hospital stay.

The Patient Status Engine addresses this issue by providing accurate and continuous monitoring of patients following surgery. The integrated continuous Early Warning Scores allow ward staff to quickly and confidently identify post-surgical deterioration, thus enabling early intervention and subsequent reduction in the numbers of transfers to the intensive care ward or critical care facility. The better data provided by the PSE also gives care teams the confidence to get patients moving sooner, leading to faster recovery and earlier discharge.


Take a look – Case Study

Identifying deterioration fast, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen University

Following major surgery, post-operative complication rates are high, between 15 - 45%, depending on the procedure. To address this the study compared the number of micro events detected by continuous monitoring with those documented by the widely used standardised Early Warning Score (EWS) calculated from manual observations at regular intervals.

“Continuous monitoring with the Patient Status Engine identifies deteriorating patients earlier.”

Christian Meyhoff, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen University

PSE Platform for use in Post-Operative Care – Benefits

Aids early detection of deterioration
through integrated customisable early warning scores and real-time clinical artificial intelligence

Rapid implementation on any bed
simply place PSE gateway next to bed, attach wireless sensors to patient, start monitoring

Enhanced early mobility
unobtrusive wearable sensors allow freedom of movement and avoid confinement to bed

Better data quality
wireless sensors reduce motion artifact and overcome data loss due to cable detachment

Earlier discharge
through better knowledge of patient's current status and future trajectory

Avoids ICU admissions
Earlier identification of deterioration allows more timely and simpler interventions

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