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The Patient Status Engine is a technologically advanced, all wireless patient monitoring system. A complete ready-built configurable platform, the PSE is also a fully certified Class IIa CE-marked and Class II 510(k) cleared medical device that monitors patients automatically, continuously and in real-time.

It combines sensors, connectivity and clinical AI in a medical platform which collects, analyses and transforms vital sign data into actionable clinical insights. By automating the basic process of taking patient observations, the PSE offers significant efficiency gains and higher quality, continuous data for making better clinical decisions.

The system uses trend data combined with the integrated Early Warning Scores to provide alerts to healthcare professionals, enabling timely interventions that enhance the care and safety of patients.

connectivitySensorsClinical AI

One solution

which can be applied to a number of clinical applications enabling healthcare providers to:

Monitor patients continuously and in real-time

enabling faster detection of changes in a patient’s health status

Streamline and simplify workflows

reducing alarm fatigue and freeing patients and clinical staff from the tyranny of wires

Gain insights into the health status of patients

by using advanced data analytics, predictive algorithms and early warning scores

How it Works

The Patient Status Engine is a powerful easy-to-use technology platform that is also a Class II (CE-marked and FDA-cleared) medical device.

The PSE uses wireless wearable sensors including the Lifetouch, the Lifetemp, pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor to automatically and continuously collect multiple vital sign data including heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, temperature, oxygen saturation and blood pressure, simply and securely. Full waveform ECG and PPG are available on request via an onscreen button. 

This data is then transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to the Patient Gateway which analyses the data and sends the resulting information via a Wi-Fi (or 3G/4G) network to the Lifeguard Server which aggregates all the patient vital signs and other system data and presents these on an open API. The data can then be viewed in real-time on a central monitoring unit, at the nurse station or remotely on any authorised device. 

Powerful Computer Platform


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The digital future of patient monitoring

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