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Bouncepad has been the global market leader in tablet enclosures since 2011, renowned for high quality products and excellent customer service.

They are everywhere. You will find Bouncepad products all around the world, in the most iconic places, in your favourite shop, museum, icecream van and cafe.

“They design with empathy to create useful, beautiful products used by millions of people while they work, shop, learn and play.”

Bouncepad has now teamed up with Isansys to work closely to support the company with largescale roll-outs and to modify its products for its customers’ specific needs and to enable hospitals and healthcare organisations to monitor a high number of patients at home or in other locations outside of the hospital itself.

Fiona Tapp, Business Support Manager at Isansys, said: “We work with partners and suppliers efficiently to enable us to scale quickly and meet the current demand. The bezels which used to hold the Patient Gateway, our bedside monitor, came from China and we had difficulties obtaining the supplies we needed as there was a minimum lead time of four weeks”

“We searched online and found Bouncepad who supplied us with a range of different designs and stands and were able to turn around the order overnight, which has been amazing. Previously we had to wait for around four to five weeks for delivery of the bezels.”

Fiona Tapp
Business Support Manager, Isansys

“Using Bouncepad as the enclosure for our Patient Gateways saves so much time, hassle and money. There were many design options to choose from and this made it and easy for us to switch to newer versions of the tablets without having to go through a whole new design of our product. We have also had requests from customers who require the PSE but do not require stands for them. We are now working closely with Bouncepad to create a design which would meet those customers’ requirements.”

Fiona Tapp
Business Support Manager, Isansys

“We are thrilled to be working with Isansys on the Patient Status Engine and feel honoured to be chosen for the project. Working closely with Isansys on a custom Bouncepad has been smooth and efficient.

Together we have created a solution that compliments the software and enables top grade medical monitoring for patients both in and outside the hospital walls. Collaborating with Isansys on this project was an easy decision for us, we were very impressed with the PSE and the exceptional work it can do.”

Lottie Hudson
Communications Manager, Bouncepad

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