Non-Clinical Environments

Simple Deployment For Individuals in High Stress and Remote Locations

The Patient Status Engine is a unique solution to protect those working or living in harsh and/or remote conditions. It provides vital information by monitoring individuals wirelessly and in real-time in a variety of non-clinical environments.

The platform is simple and rapid to set up and carries out unobtrusive, continuous surveillance of physiological status for higher level clinical support and remote consultation. From first responders, to extreme, high-stress environment, to field hospitals, the PSE collects and transmits clinical-grade, high resolution data for faster, better decisions which can save lives.

Take a look – Case Study

Monitoring in Remote Locations, NASA, USA

Dr Erik Antonsen, an Exploration Medical Capability Element Scientist, went to Antarctica being monitored with the Patient Status Engine. The Patient Status Engine automatically captured his physiological data through the suite of wireless wearable sensors and transmitted his health status in real-time back to base. The data collected will help NASA learn the best ways to monitor the physiology of future space explorers.

PSE platform for non-clinical environments – Benefits

Clinical grade monitoring in remote locations
Using the same medically certified wearable sensors as used in hospitals

Accurate high-resoluton data and alerts
Clinically validated data and configurable sIngle or multi-parameter alerting 

All vital signs monitored in real-time
SImultaneous data from independent sensors enhance safety by correlation and redundancy

Simple and easy to apply smart wireless sensors
"Fit and forget" application and smart system diagnostics ensure data quality at all times

Location independent, physiological sensing 
An individual's physiological data can be collected anywhere and transmitted via wearable gateway

Integrates into existing data systems
 All sensor data is provided on an open API allowing easy integration into IT/data systems

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