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Extending Near-ICU Grade Monitoring To All Patients

The Patient Status Engine offers continuous real-time monitoring of all patients, particularly those identified as higher risk cases, whose status would otherwise only be checked intermittently by manual observations.

By significantly improving patient monitoring and providing more robust and timely early warning indicators, the PSE enables healthcare providers to reduce the number of in-hospital avoidable deaths and costly adverse events even with limited nursing resources. The enhanced automated monitoring makes it possible to identify trends in a patient’s health status while at the same time offering a new sense of freedom, reassurance and security for patients and their families.

Take a look – Use Case

General Ward Monitoring Sorlandet Hospital, Norway

Demand for real-time continuous data, including personal health information, early warning scores, and alerting when a patient’s condition is deteriorating, is driving the market for complete monitoring systems in hospital and home care settings globally.

“This is an important project to improve patient safety. Through the use of the Isansys patient monitoring equipment across our hospital, I believe we can both reduce mortality and save money.”

Line Pedersen Sorlandet Hospital Group, Norway.

PSE Platform for use in Intermediate Care & General Wards – Benefits

Earlier detection of deterioration 
through integrated customisable early warning scores and real-time clinical artificial intelligence

Continuous, real-time observations
including automatic patient data upload that saves time and cost, and improves accuracy 

 Reduced alarm fatigue
through smart alerting and real-time trend analysis

Higher quality data for trend discovery
and the development of new predictive bio-markers that unveil new insights from the data

Access patient data and status anywhere
via secure, remote access including central monitoring units and personal devices

Earlier mobility for patients
unobtrusive wearable sensors allow freedom of movement and avoid confinement to bed

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