Hospital at Home

Continuous Real-Time Vital Sign Data, Regardless of Patient Location

The Patient Status Engine is the most comprehensive and simple to use platform for monitoring patients in hospital, in the clinic or at home.

Healthcare providers globally are beginning to shift patients towards homecare programmes in order to reduce costs and improve outcomes by avoiding the dangers associated with hospital admission. Not only does home based care offer greater mobility for patients but it also allows for community based early interventions to prevent readmissions.

With the PSE, healthcare professionals can receive complete and clinically accurate information about their patients’ health status directly from the patients' homes. By effectively extending critical care pathways outside the hospital, patients can remain under the direct care of their consulting physicians and specialised care teams. The real-time patient data and early warning alerts are delivered to central monitoring stations and personal mobile devices, and readily integrated with the provider's EMR system.




Take a look – Use Case

Hospital at Home - a Patient's Story

Current hospital practice means patients need to remain in hospital post-surgery or return regularly after discharge for follow-up appointments. Mike Wilson was given the chance to try the Patient Status Engine after open heart surgery so he could return home and still be monitored by healthcare professionals. The data collected helped ensure he had more direct care at a time when he needed it most. 


PSE Platform for use in Homecare – Benefits:

Near-ICU grade monitoring at home
Continuous vital sign data from wireless sensors with proven accuracy and clinical acceptance

Simple and rapid installation
Gateway is securely pre-connected to cellular network. No reliance on patient's home Wi-Fi.

Seamless transition from hospital to home
All-automatic, completely transparent process. System is optimised for no data loss.

Patients are mobile whilst being monitored 
Unobtrusive wearable sensors allow freedom of movement and avoid confinement to bed

Automatic collection of patient reported data
Customisable screens for patient reported measures and messaging

Real-time, continuous predictive algorithms
Early indications of deterioration allow simpler, more timely, community based interventions 

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