Emerging Applications

Big Data Sets Enabling New Discoveries and New Treatment Pathways

The Patient Status Engine is the simplest to use, yet most advanced all-wireless physiological data collection platform currently available. Devised initially to provide care teams with a new system to improve patient safety, it is also a powerful clinical research tool, providing robust and accurate physiological data in the form of high resolution correlated data streams.

The PSE is a multifunctional data and analysis medical platform which utilises vital sign data and advanced data analytics to discover new patterns in physiology which may indicate early signs of deterioration (or improvement) in the status of a patient. Incorporating state-of-the-art clinical wearable sensors the PSE is a fully integrated medical system which is currently being used in clinical studies, from drug discovery programmes to the creation of real-time clinical AI apps, such as early indications of sepsis, predicting the onset of atrial fibrillation and risk stratification of stroke patients.

Take a look – Case Study

Monitoring Patient Deterioration Royal Free Hospital, London

The Royal Free Hospital in London used the Patient Status Engine to generate new data sets and perform analyses that could be used to reduce the numbers of hospital readmissions and deaths of patients from advanced liver disease.

“Continuous monitoring of patients with simple information-based technology facilitates early problem recognition and intervention and helps reduce the number of hospital readmissions.”

Dr Raj Mookerjee, Royal Free Hospital, London

PSE platform for emerging applications/ clinical research – Benefits

High quality physiological data
Near-ICU grade continuous monitoring and reduced motion artifact from wireless sensors

Creation of big new data sets
Continuous monitoring and immediate digitisation and upload of data

Location independent  
High grade monitoring of patients regardless of location;  in or out-of hospital

Data access and analysis tools provided
Easy access through secure portal to all recorded patient data as down-loadable Excel files

Develop new digital biomarkers and diagnostics
Unprecedentedly accurate and clean big data provide input for new clinical insights

Accurately synchronised data inputs
Millisecond accuracy on all data points maintained throughout the PSE platform

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