Vitals as a Service
Secure Patient Data and Actionable Clinical Insights  
Delivered Without Capital Cost or Technical Risk

In addition to standard capital and consumables purchase models, Isansys offers Vitals as a Service (VaaS), a fully managed service model delivering real-time data and powerful analytics without the capital costs or technology risks normally associated with advanced digital technologies in healthcare.

VaaS recognises that the Patient Status Engine is essentially an advanced digital platform for capturing and analysing data. Through VaaS, we are able to offer a per patient per day fee-based service model that allows healthcare providers to pay for the PSE from revenue rather than capital budgets. Not only does this remove the capital risks nomally associated with investments in new technologies, but importantly, it also removes the technical risk as the delivered product is accurate usable data.

We contractually commit to supporting the platform through service level agreements and take total responsibility for supplying the consumables, maintaining and upgrading the software and hardware components and sustaining regulatory compliance.

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