Advanced Patient Monitoring

Improving healthcare in the post-Covid world

Advanced Patient Monitoring is the emerging understanding that the key to better and more efficient delivery of healthcare requires a significantly improved knowledge of how a patient's physiology is continuously changing in response to disease, injury or treatment.

By combining new digital, wireless and sensor technologies with deep learning and other predictive analytic methods, new and more resilient care pathways are being developed in which fewer patients will be admitted to hospital and more care will be delivered at home.

The Patient Status Engine is a complete Advanced Patient Monitoring platform which scales to become the clinical infrastructure for the post-Covid world.   

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Why advanced patient monitoring with the Patient Status Engine?

The Patient Status Engine is the world's most complete, real-time, wireless patient monitoring system. Combining sensors, connectivity and clinical AI in a ready built certified platform, the PSE is a new kind of medical device that creates and utlises data to enable better, safer, care anytime, anywhere.

Healthcare Professionals

With the Patient Status Engine you'll know the status of your patients at all times. Automatically and continuously capturing and transforming vital sign data into real-time predictive clinical insight, the PSE enables new data-driven biomarkers, optimised work flows and patient-centred care models.

With the PSE you'll know that you're working with accurate and up-to-date information. No longer having to rely on intermittent manual "obs", and with the integrated Early Warning Scores you'll have the knowledge and time to provide better safer care. The PSE also allows you to care for your patients outside the hospital walls and access real-time, continuous data and predictive alerts from patients at home or in community care facilities.

Patients and Families

With the Patient Status Engine you'll know that you (or your loved ones) are receiving the best possible care, and should something start to go wrong, your care team will know about it before you do. The smart alerting in the PSE enables the doctors and nurses to take timely action to avert a more serious outcome.

The PSE provides the reassurance and security of near-ICU grade monitoring remotely and without wires, which means you can remain active without having to be physically hooked up to a monitor and confined to bed. This reduces stress and anxiety, may speed up recovery time, and allows you to be at home and receive the same level of surveillance as if you were in a hospital bed.

Take a look – Case Study

The PSE in action at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

At Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, UK, the PSE has already been used to collect vital sign data from more than 1,300 neonates, children and young adults. The results are already life changing.

“Kaleb’s been through a lot and having the Lifetouch on him means there are less wires around him, so we can actually be a parent to him.”

Shaun Lewis, father to Kaleb.

Insurers and healthcare providers

By automating the basic process of taking patient observations and calculating accurate real-time predictive indicators of patient status, the Patient Status Engine addresses clinician and nurse shortages though unprecedented in-ward efficiency gains. Additionally it offers the ability to provide higher acuity care in lower cost areas including general wards and patients' homes.

Better information on the current status and predicted trajectory of a patient's health can be used to safely reduce the length of stay of in hospital. Accurate, clinically relevant remote data allows patients to continue to be monitored after discharge. Importantly, the use of the Patient Status Engine provides an auditable care trail so the patient’s healthcare journey can be quantified enabling new payment models to be developed.

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